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    • Pack in the Protein

      IsaLean™ PRO Shake has 36 grams of protein per serving. Protein not only helps you feel full longer, it also helps your muscles recover post-workout . Don’t go hungry on your fitness journey—IsaLean™ Pro has you covered.

    • Gain Experience and Muscle

      We use whey from New Zealand grass-fed cows to help support and maintain muscle growth.

    What’s Inside

    Support muscle growth, recovery, and a delicious day with...

    Super Whey Protein
    Our whey protein is sourced from New Zealand grass-fed cows for amazing fuel. You’ll be feeling satisfied longer, and relieved knowing you’re fueling your body with the best of the best.
    Pro Flavors
    Several delicious flavors to choose from, including Natural Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Strawberry Cream.
    Frequently Asked

    Your questions, answered

    IsaLean™ PRO Shake is a complete, meal replacement with 36 grams of protein. It is great for individuals who are looking for increased muscle growth support or wanting to bust through weight plateaus!
    Whey protein is great for muscle growth and fat burning. Research also shows that whey protein supports maintenance of lean muscle mass, which supports long-term weight maintenance.
    IsaLean™ PRO Shake is not intended for use on Cleanse Days. However, IsaLean™ PRO Shake is the perfect way to enhance — or even replace — your standard IsaLean™ Shake on your Shake Days. It can be a great complement to your existing IsaLean™ Shake regimen, empowering your Shake Days so you can experience even greater results.
    IsaLean™ PRO Shake contains protein from cows that are milked according to season and have not been treated with routine antibiotics.IsaLean™ PRO Shake contains protein from cows that are milked according to season and have not been treated with routine antibiotics.
    As we get older, our body's ability to absorb protein lessens, requiring more protein to hold on to muscle. Recent studies suggest that large doses of whey protein (up to 35 grams) versus lower doses over time are better for promoting muscle maintenance and growth in people over 55.


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